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tv   With All Due Respect  MSNBC  August 17, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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but you see trump leading by 11 points. but the senate race, the democrat, evan bayh, leading now. he is bucking the trump trend. that's a very encouraging sign for democrats in indiana. we'll be back tomorrow with more "mtp daily." have a great night. donald trump has shaken up and expanded his senior staff with just three months left until election day. overnight the republican nominee added two names at the top of the campaign chart. one name is familiar to viewers and to pretty much every tv news watcher across the fruited plain. that is long time republican pollster and strategist and trump/pence adviser, kelly ann
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conway. here is what she had to say about the move on fox news this morning. >> it's a busy home stretch to election day. and we just need to beef up the senior level rolls. i think what he doesn't like is people telling him what to say and what to do. maybe that's hillary clinton's game. what do the focus groups this say? i picture her saying to the staff, listen, that i know the country doesn't like me and doesn't trust me. i never want to hear it again. how do we win? that's not our dilemma. the fact is with donald trump, he is his own best messenger. people see him as very authentic. >> so that's the manager, kellyanne conway. and she is being joined by a guy named steven gannon. he has worked as a goldman sachs banker, a hollywood investor,
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and leading bright bart to become ceo. meanwhile, paul maniafort who replaced the campaign manager a few months ago will stay on in his current position. the campaign manager here ousted was corey lewandowski. what does cnn analyst corey say? >> you have a candidate who wants to win. this is a clear indication. it is win at all costs. very important that kellyanne is with him. she is an excellent person when it comes the message development. she had a very successful polling company of she brings a sense of calmness to donald trump so her being on the plane is something that has been hacking. that senior leadership on the plane for the last two months. >> so kellyanne conway and at the top of the campaign. why is trump making these changes?
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>> he has found his ultimate brand match. he wants to go back to where he started which is the outsider, the name thrower. he's had to post primary nudge the republican party. i have to may a little bit. i have to try to pivot. you can see he's not comfortable. he's doubling down. breitbart, we'll talk more about bannon. thor ultimate revolutionary, throw flames. us versus you. us versus the establishment. he is doubling down on trump being donald trump. >> i don't know what bannon is going to be doing. paul manafort is for change. and while kellyanne is part of the republican establishment. she's worked for the republican
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national committee. she knows leading members of congress. i don't know how much this affects him. everyone i talked to say he has a huge role in the campaign. while he wants to turn it into a shake-up, they're woefully understaffed. they have two senior people who have trump's confidence, trying to help deal with decisions. and i will tell you, if kellyanne conway goes to events with trump, keeps him focused. i don't care what the down side is. i think that helps his chances of winning. >> both of them have the same tone as trump. you can see, we talked yesterday. we were showing a clip of trump giving a speech and i am, look how uncomfortable he looks. these are his kind of people. he is backed in a corner now and he wants to come out -- we had kellyanne on the other day. she knows how to pivot in a second. she's stuff. >> and make stuff happen. >> she is tough, aggressive. i disagree just about everything
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bannon stands for. >> i think what trump wanted was two people around him that make sense to him. he trusts their judgment. i think he is taking a rick. bring in someone he knows. he trusts kellyanne conway. she has not been on a the lo, o lot of winning presidential campaigns but she understands the trump product. >> what still scares me a little bit as a possible future commander in chief. he needs a certain person next to him on the may not. this is our president. i want to know if that person calls in spk day, the wheels won't go off. that's a big concern. i don't believe barack obama or george w. bush or hw bush needed someone by their side. >> this bill clinton criticized
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this republicans and democrats. they were loyal to him because they said he can win. he has a message of change. this team can help trump do that. not saying it is a brand new day. going to change the whole race but this does give him two people that he is confident in. >> and temperament wise. >> hours before the world found out about the nonpivot, pivot, the republican gave a speech last night. he embraced the outsider credentials that helped him get this far. >> i'm not part of the corrupt system. in fact, the corrupt system is trying to stop me. the leadership clash in washington, d.c. of which hillary clinton has been a member for 30 years, has abandoned the people of this country. when we talk about the insider, who are we talking about? it is the comfortable politicians out for their own interests. the lobbyists who know how to
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insert that perfect loophole into every single bill. and get richer and richer and richer at your expense. the insiders also include the media executives, anchors, and journalists in washington, los angeles, and new york city who are part of the same failed status quo and want nothing to change. they don't want it to change. the media donor political complex that has bled this country dry has to be replaced with a new government of, by, and for the people. >> let's assume kellyanne is on the plane every day. >> it is unfortunate that trump made these changes the same news cycle as that speech. i know you and i both think, that was maybe his best speech of the campaign in terms of a message that can win.
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i'll say it again. i don't want people to overinterpret my words that i think he is the front-runner now or he is even in the battle ground states but that message is the message trump has been worried about, that trump would get on. about change. not just criticizing the new york times but lumping in all the big establishment forces in the country. if you're happy, vote for her. if you don't like big business, big government, vote for me. >> i want to talk about the hypocrisy. first of all, psychology. what he is doing is repackaging the muslim ban and the wall to a much more soernlly acceptable thing. which is that you find hope play the large enough group of people who are not happy with their lot in life instead of blaming a muslim or an immigrant. here is a group. >> popular stuff and beyonce. and that's the problem.
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that's the psychology. the hypocrisy is, today on the front page of the new york times is a story about donald trump billionaire, who as he was taking shareholder money, they were going downhill and he was taking money out. he got a $25 million tax deal with his buddy chris christie. all lumped into there, a new yorker, billionaire, he is at the he said center of everything he is working center. >> and you have republicans make that case. even stronger general election case. you're right. the clinton people will turn on a dime on how they're going after trump. if he starts getting traction saying i'm the outside here can go to washington to fix it. they can say you are the poster boy for government using your money to leverage to get benefit from government. he will have to fight back. again that message compared to what he's been talking about. >> i think it is too transapparently. i think the people he's having trouble with. the swing people. the suburban corridors of
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philadelphia. of washington, d.c. and women are not going to bite on that. that's really doubling down on the people had are already there. >> a minimum he consolidates republican base and i think he may be able to get some democrats with that message. >> we'll see with breitbart. >> when we come backer we'll learn a little more about the new executive at the trump campaign after these words from our sponsors. wer. and power plants account for more than a third of energy-related carbon emissions. the challenge is to capture the emissions before they're released into the atmosphere. exxonmobil is a leader in carbon capture. our team is working to make this technology better, more affordable so it can reduce emissions around the world. that's what we're working on right now. ♪ energy lives here. hhis stellar notebooks will last through june. get back to great.
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we're able to take those savings and invest it right back into the classroom. together, we're building a better california. as we said at the center of the latest trump campaign shuffle is the former breitbart executive, steve bannon. one of the more interesting nuggets from his past, as his fee for brokering entertainment deal several years ago, he apparently nabbed the royalties from a little heard of show, little heard of then called seinfeld. obviously we jumped at the chance to combine seinfeld ask this presidential campaign, two of the pillars. so we did a deep dive into the
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archives to find clips to best help us answer the question. who is stephen bannon? >> if you want to get inside the mind of steve bannon, go take a tour through it is very aggressive, very heated, often very paranoid. >> not a lie. if you believe it. >> breitbart, a far right news source, often peddles conspiracy theories. >> i'm saying the spit could not have come from behind. that there had to have been a second spitter. >> he's just the ceo. he's run several successful companies in the past. >> what does he do? >> he is an import he. >> just import? not export? >> he does not have any experience running a campaign. how did he get this job?
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>> we'll find out what bannon brings to the party. >> here. here's your cake. see you. >> all right. there is another side of bannon that a lot of people are talking about today. he is the co-founder of a nonprofit called the government accountability institute which has funded among other projects, the book clinton cash. as head of wright b.a.r.t., he has been an unabashed populist of the republican leadership including mcconnell and ryan whom he accuses of selling out. under his reign, breitbart h, f having a fence around his home while ryan has refused to endorse trump's proposal for a wall at the had mexican border.
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notes stranger to political come battle of listen to how he was talking about the republican party and washington elites back in 2013. >> we don't really believe there is a functional conservative party in this country. and we certainly don't think the republican party is that. we tend to look at this imperial city of washington, this boom town, they have two groups of two parties that represents continue sider party. insider deals, insired transactions and a budding aristocracy that has made this the wealthiest city in the country. >> now the katy tur will be joining us. still, if this message which is one trump has liked himself pre bannon, is one trump takes up. running against republicans and
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republican leaders. how will that play? >> he will like having his two six shooters. he will shoot from both ends. i think you take on too much, you get squashed. he is taking them on. at some point it steam rolls over you. if you're running a news letter or a website, to be the flame thrower and dropping turds on everything. if we go back to the two conventions, and i said after that. america would decide who we are. are we the america that was portrayed in the republican or the democratic and we've seen what happens in the polls. i think this makes for very good television but i do not think it will work. >> i believe the only chance trump has in a serious come sbak to go against all these horses is to go against mccarthy. he has to get to mike pence and
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reince priebus and others telling republican establishment, don't worry. it is a bit of an act but it is all true. there are areas when paul ryan would say it is messed up. the reason trump has to do this. he needs to build a big coalition for change and that has to include some democrats and independents and some angry republicans. >> the 15% that are left that haven't gone to hillary. >> how about some union guys and gals who aren't necessarily bernie voters but they may be drawn to clinton on some other issues? don't you think they would say, both parties have messed up. you don't hear hillary clinton say that the democratic party has messed up. >> we'll see. it is his best hope. >> up next, more on these trump campaign changes. steak & crab ! the 'guests of honor' are these beautiful snow crab legs...
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surround yourself with healthy advantages at hhis stellar notebooks will last through june. get back to great. this week sharpie twelve-packs just three dollars. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. talk about the latest lineup on team trump. the form he presidential moves y in the campaign. let's grade it. f being disaster, a being a home run. tell us why. >> well, i think it is a home run. i know kellyanne conway and steve very well.
3:21 pm
kellyanne more than steve. i think they both share the vision that donald trump has about main stream america being left -- main stream america being left behind and building a new coalition of working class people that have a bigger role in the republican party. so i think these announcements today, the personnel announcements, come after a week that was pretty darn good. three major speeches, raising a lot of issues that are important. some issues that no republican in recent history has been willing to do. we can talk about that. i think the campaign bottomed and it is heading in the right direction. >> you can see that trump is behind, right? you can see that? >> i think if you take a look at the overall polls, he is definitely behind. i disagree with the margins.
3:22 pm
>> i get her theory of the case. trump would seem to need to expa expand. how does someone from breitbart, how does that person help him expand his appeal to more voters? >> well, i think the one thing that trump needs around him are people that agree with the basic vision. the republican party has been pictured as a country club party. much more interested in wall street than main street. i think a lot of the narrative is wrong but it is a narrative that the left has been using for a long time and it's worked. i think when someone comes along and says, the american dream is dead is that says to those republicans who are unhappy about what the party has failed to do, particularly in the last decade, that that is a powerful
3:23 pm
message and the right time for the message. he has everybody in the world telling him he has to drop it. it is wrong. it doesn't work. et cetera. to have two bright people like kellyanne conway and steve bannon saying, no, you're on the right track. let us help you express it more effectively and get kind of political traction that you need to get. >> you mentioned two people. part of my concern for them. they put too much use in and not enough indians. i look at the virginia polls. one of the reasons is clearly, clinton had 28 field offices. they've been there since april. we are getting to the part of election. the ground game, that's when it kicks in. even if you put two more flame throwing chiefs on the top, you won't speak too much to the problem. >> clearly they have a lot of work to do. they're running against clock.
3:24 pm
they will have to step it up. but you just mentioned the virginia poll. let me comment on it very quickly. it is a 14-point lead. a thousand people polled. only 800 of them registered to vote. when they polled in that same poll of likely voters. when i asked about four candidates on the ticket, which there will be, the lead goes to 6 or 7. that's a very manageable gap in the middle of august for the trump campaign. so i think a lot of these races, if you listen to the narrative, you would think we might as well call the election off. i think it will be a lot closer than people think and i believe he is giving signals in this last week. and with these appointments that he is prepared to do the things that can make us very competitive. >> have paul ryan and mitch mcconnell stood in the way over the last few years of the times
3:25 pm
of changes donald trump wants to see? >> well, the last thing i ought to be doing is it any more difficult for the party to come together. i think paul ryan and mitch mcconnell have had a different focus. i think republicans generally tend to talk about businesses instead of employees. i'm all for entrepreneurs. so is donald trump. but most people won't work for themselves. they'll work for somebody. the republican party is all too often the party reminds people of their bosses instead of a party that reminds them of the people they work next to every day. i think ronald reagan got that. that's why a lot of blue collar workers wednesday with him. so i think what trump is doing is very consistent with the reagan vision of what the republican party should be and given the populist times we're
3:26 pm
living in and the times we're living if as far as the threat that radical islam. that he is the party that i believe paul mcconnell. >> he is running on the nationalist message. yet in his economic man, the only people getting tax breaks is the 3% or 4% for the rich. nothing for the middle class. so tell me how that syncs with this, work for the little guy. >> well, i disagree with your analysis of that tax plan. first of all, there is significant savings for people making all the way up to $100,000 and people, i think it is $35,000 and below. this is no tax liability at all. it was to do a major change, a major increase in the tax credit
3:27 pm
you can get for childcare expenses. i remember when ronald reagan did something similar and the "wall street journal" wrote editorial after editorial against it. but i think trump understands that there are lots of ways to invest in america. you can invest in stock. that's an obvious way or you can look at the investment that parents make in their kids. i think it is a much better middle which is a approach than what hillary clinton is talking about. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ tresiba® is a once-daily, long-acting insulin that lasts even longer than 24 hours. i want to trim my a1c. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ tresiba® provides powerful a1c reduction. releases slow and steady. works like your body's insulin. when my schedule changes...
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you might be one of them. i understand where you come from pretty much. although you're impossible to totally figure. i must say that to your listeners. anybody thinks where you come from, making a big mistake. >> that was donald trump speaking with steve bannon on
3:31 pm
the breitbart daily radio program from may. trump staffers come and go but nbc news correspondent katy tur is always forever. she is often at trump tower and joining us now. now the washington correspondent, josh green, whose cover story ran in october of 2015 and called him the most dangerous political operative and the trump campaign has been tapping that. you both know a lot so let's go quick. katy, you have a piece up on the site. trump says he makes decisions with his head and gut instinct. was this decision on bring in two new people something that was rational and thoughtful or more gutinstinct? >> i want to say this is more of a gut decision from trump. if you look at the polling, he is doichbl hasn't been comfortable with paul manafort. the sources within the campaign telling us he is deeply unhappy
3:32 pm
for some time and now he is realizing in their words that trusting his gut, embracing his own instincts is the right way to go. they feel very strongly, trump feels very strongly the way he ran in the primaries, beating out the 16 candidates was the way to go. making headlines and refusing to apologize. in the past few months since corey lewandowski left, they tried traditionalize this campaign and you've seen donald trump chafe at that. trying to be could not sill i can't 24 the republican party. i had to read from notes. he was forced to endorse a people. that didn't seem like a comfortable moment for him now. bringing on kellyanne conway, a long time friend and adviser, even helped him with a potential run for governor of new york, and steve bannon who has been very anti-establishment,
3:33 pm
bringing those with on is a real indication that donald trump will be going back to just doing it his way and not listening to anyone telling him to change. >> josh, everybody should read your piece on bannon. an incredible insight for a guy at the top of the trump power structure. people think of him as pretty provocative and sometimes more than that. he has been very sophisticated in taking opposition research and getting into the main stream media. talk about the ecosystem. >> he is an interesting guy. bannon has a diagnose ois why conservatives failed on stop bill clinton in the 1990s. that diagnosis is, they went too far. they sort of jumps over the cliff. pursuing all these rumors about vince foster's murder and what have you. and the main streamer voters tuned him out.
3:34 pm
that hillary clinton is attackable but only if you focus on facts and things that happen. so he detailed all the financial transactions between various foreign entries, which was a front page story. bannon understands. if you can dig up real facts with clinton that will drive down her honesty and her trustworthy numbers and you present those investigative reporters. if there's news, they'll publish it in the main stream media. >> your piece was great. you admiringly compared bannon to lenny -- >> not me. i didn't. >> i'm sorry. andrew breitbart said that steve -- bannon making a film make here did a documentary on
3:35 pm
sarah palin. >> katy, were there any early seeds of this that you saw over the last few days where this was not a surprise? >> certainly those inside the campaign heard the rumblings but the staff didn't find bout this change until this morning. the rumblings that we heard from behind the scenes were that things were not going well between trump and paul manafort. that trump was unhappy that paul was not as happy as he wanted him to be. that he wasn't around on the weekends but instead there was home. so there was talk about whether paul would be pushed out. he was not pushed out. he was on the round table here at the trump tower. i'm told he will be staying on. this is a layering, if you will, or a diluting of his influence
3:36 pm
between donald trump, of donald trump. it is more of an indication that donald trump will be talking to folks in washington and on the hill where he's been effective. and letting kellane conway influence. >> what kind of guy is he? so many different jobs that you wouldn't necessarily associate together. what is he like? >> as he true washington character. he is a wild man with a lunatic charisma. very aggressive. you can see why trump likes him. he wears his passion on his sleeves. all about aggressive anti-establishment attacks. breitbart under bannon's leadership that really helped push out house speaker john boehner and has been as critical. so this is a guy absolutely
3:37 pm
ant-rnc. is going to foster the impulses in trump which i think trump really wants somebody in his ear telling him to do those things. i think that's why bannon was brought in. >> what do you think of the phrase, lunatic charisma in. >> i think that's an interesting phrase. >> katy, before we go, has life changed since you've been doubled a swan? do people dub you on the street and try to feed you? how has life changed? >> i don't know how to answer that. yes. it has changed dramatically. >> that's what most people say. >> shush. >> outside trump tower tracking it all. we'll talk about the intelligence briefing, probably tomorrow. josh's great piece. you should read it if you want to understand steve bannon. how the clinton campaign has responded to these rumors with her health.
3:38 pm
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i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. michael hayden: if he governs consistent with some of the things he said as a candidate, i would be very frightened. gillian turner: he's been talking about the option of using a nuclear weapon against our western european allies. max boot: this is not somebody who should be handed the nuclear codes.
3:40 pm
charles krauthammer: you have to ask yourself, do i want a person of that temperament controlling the nuclear codes? and as of now, i'd have to say no. [bill o'reilly sighs] and as of now, i'd have to say no. here you go.picking up for kyle. you wouldn't put up with part of a pizza. um. something wrong? so when it comes to pain relievers, why put up with just part of a day? you want the whole thing? yes, yes! live whole. not part. aleve. welcome back. we're joined by a democratic strategist, and former adviser to hillary clinton. and republican media strategist and consultant. thank you for coming in. a big day, a big shake-up. new message for trump. i had a theory. a repackaging of the muslim ban.
3:41 pm
break it down. what do you think? >> well, something had to happen, right? we were at a place where this was a death spiral. i think trump is going where he is most comfortable. this is where he likes to be. this is how he feels he got here. here's the good news. they've gone for the deft touch of steve bannon from the breitbart world. if you thought trump was a little aggressive and a little unnuanced before, you're going to love the final 80 something days of this campaign. >> you have a bunch of animals coming in. they play dirty, they play hard. i don't think the clinton campaign woke up this morning and miked news. >> well, like is -- i don't know if i would use that word. >> you thought it was good news. >> you
3:42 pm
3:43 pm
>> rumor concussions, et cetera. is it a distraction? >> we should be hitting, the republicans should be talking about context and defining this for what she is and isn't. she is a terrible candidate. she is a retread from the past.
3:44 pm
democrats are not known for that. democrats are the party about what's next? they have nominated a party who comes from the way way back machine. it seems trump should be talking about the economy, he should be talking about hillary clinton's failures at the state department. he should be defining this race in terms of this. i'm here because i'm not a politician. if you want someone to break furniture in washington, that's why i got here. >> i would push back certainly on the retread issue. the democratic party is a party that is progressive and has been for at least a generation which is what brought me into the party. we've elected the first african-american president. we're about to tlekt first woman president of the united states. we cannot sit on our haunches. i think we have to work really hard for the 80 plus days that are left. but if you start to look at the polls and some of the separation that you're seeing, i think the messaging, the progressive 15
3:45 pm
interesting paid family leave. i think those are things speaking to americans today. so it is not a retread. to me this is a very fresh candidate. >> hillary clinton has been in washington longer than the monument. okay? this is not about progressive or conservative. i think those are base voters. you're going to have a certain amount of people in each party who come out and vote. there's about 4% of the electorate that could have its mind changed. so i think my point is only that hillary clinton is a weak candidate. were she someone else, she would be even further ahead of trump. >> i would argue about exactly that point about presidential campaigns and being about growth. >> she has been able to grow her support. wls republicans. i think and that's where his support is hemorrhaging. >> i want to ask you both one of my favorite test questions.
3:46 pm
do you trust donald trump controlling nuclear weapons? that's a yes or no. >> can i phone a friend? >> are you comfortable with donald trump? >> no. >> did hillary clinton live up to her responsibilities as secretary of state tunneled freedom of information act to preserve records? >> yes, she did. >> she did? explain. >> i think she's turned over all the e-mails were required. even in this -- >> if i filed a freedom of information request over the last two years before she belatedly handed over some of the work e-mails, they wouldn't have been able to respond. >> she did hand over the e-mails she was required to hand over. >> no, she didn't. some were found other ways. she created a system after the fact, said the e-mails were carefully gonl through. and the fbi found many e-mails that she failed to turn over that would have been responsive, would have been included as part of government records. >> if the fbi including with the notes they are about to hand over to congress have already handed over to congress, wanted
3:47 pm
to put that information out. >> you think she lived up to responsibilities. >> i think she has. >> this is a litmus test. >> by the way -- >> a few memos versus nooks. >> we have to take a break. guys, thank you. thank you so much. take it outside, okay? when it comes to healthcare, seconds can mean the difference between life and death. for partners in health, time is life. we have 18,000 people around the world. the microsoft cloud helps our entire staff stay connected and work together in real time to help those that need it. the ability to collaborate changes how we work. what we do together changes how we live.
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one number 21 in the books. a dog, talked. we're decedent from the mighty wolf. a voice was heard. if you build it, he will come. a girl discovered magic. a revolution began. welcome, to the wonders that happen, everyday. welcome, to it all. comcast. it may seem odd to say this on cable news when political shows did not sat trait airwaves. we've been thinking about this since the passing of john mclaughlin. before the mclaughlin group, shows about politics were more reporting than debate. often formal.
3:51 pm
very serious. often scripted or rehearsed. when mclaughlin came on the air, suddenly political writers found with a today to throw sharp elbows at and with each other. with the issues of the day. a very coveted platform and a rehijack place for fresh faces. with the video beating of rodney king were found not guilty by a jury of 12. was the jury verdict of acquittal a just verdict? >> let me say one other thing. for heaven's sakes, why didn't the reporters in helicopter go down and help that guy who was being zmild an innocent victim on the street. that may be great reporting but certainly inhumane. >> now, wait a minute. how do you land a helicopter in the middle of a busy street? >> it's pretty easy.
3:52 pm
there was not a lot of traffic there. >> did we address the issue of the candidate? >> as he good candidate. >> let me tell you. why. >> all the cameras came down. this he said he apologized for wearing that nazi uniform. he talked about taxes. he talked about racial set asides. he talked about crime. they made the guy a mart he. >> did leon water play it smart? >> afraid so. what do you say? >> i think it was pretty smart. >> i think it was smart, too. the answer is he was smart. >> bill clinton is sequestered in the governor's mansion. he is trying figure out who should he pick as his running mate? >> i think the only person who belongs is bradley. here we have two guys in the government brought up this week. kemp and bradley. the only two guys. a big part of their career as
3:53 pm
inferiors at best. interest he played for the knicks. not because he is a u.s. senator. >> so you saw the beginning there. the regulars, clift,er buchanan, barnes, and then chris matthews there. christopher matthews. a big part of it was, people you saw pretty much every week on a rotating base who were willing to talk way you talk in a bar or at a dinner in the newsroom. that was a revelation. >> we talked about this tweeg precursor to everything that is political news today. they did it better. what you noticed on the clips were, there was tremendous conflict but it wasn't angry. got a sense they liked each other. i don't know if tv has gotten that right. we have straight shooting and then a lot of yelling at each other. that was incredibly animated but you got a sense they liked each other. >> and you saw the little wink and the half. and obviously, it was at a time
3:54 pm
in washington, democrats and republicans hung out more together. there was far less of the polarization and the partisanship. that level of speed. that level of acknowledging the fourth wall. acknowledging the dirty politics, that just didn't exist. they so stood out. try to explain this to young people. no cable shows. the broadcast shows were genteel and straightforward. that show stood out as something that everyone in washington was. and talked about. and people around the country and national politics. >> for those of us who watched the mclaughlin group in its entirety, we looked something at the end of each episode. he called it simply, predictions. >> predictions. not candidate to have some trouble in the u.s. confirmation, larry eagleburger. they'll be getting into all the
3:55 pm
candidates of the kissinger associates. >> they will authorize public flogging. >> diane feinstein will win the gubernatorial in california. >> a very weak primary showing. a squeaker for re-election. >> if schwarzenegger does win, he will not be reelected. >> the nation is beginning on sour on globalization and will incline toward a neo isolationism but narrowly miss it. bye-bye. >> i like the slick back lawrence o'donnell. it brought a little espn sports center quality. it could be fun. you could game it. still do intelligent stuff and you brought characters, critters. today we have a lot of news citizen orders tv. this was the krouks of the news critter. >> nobody turned off the mclaughlin group before it he saided. you had to watch the
3:56 pm
predictions. it was the most watched. they all had the greatest predictions and it was competitive. and remember, there was no internet. i can go on my twitter feed now and read a thousand predictions. >> as an homage, as a tribute. any predictions for the next few weeks? >> i pick corey line do you 67 will continue to say things to cnn that will be fascinating. >> i think trump will continue but i think we might get some surprise after labor day. >> that program, the mclaughlin group has gone down in tv his zpri journalism history and i'm glad we got to read a little more tonight. ♪
3:57 pm
3:58 pm
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we might have an hour. donald trump had his first national security briefing as the republican nominee. >> some people have been frightened. the same way he gets up in
4:00 pm
speeches and he says, i've heard, or people have said. >> something we'll watch closely. >> see what investors had to say about donald trump and our new bloomberg politics. >> coming up. "hardball" with chris matthews. >> getting nasty. let's play "hardball." good evening. it looks like donald trump is training for the javelin. once the olympics are over, he is gearing up to start throwing thunderbolts like a 21 century jupiter. today he made cheer there will be no more mr. nice guy. not that he's been one of much before with the


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